NERF Gun Party Supplies

NERF Gun Party Supplies

Throwing a theme party for your kid has become quite commonplace, especially girls’ birthday parties with pink fairy or blue princess decorations. Meanwhile, boys tend to have fewer options, especially when they grow – they move away from superhero characters and seek entertainment from other activities.

For boys over 8 years old, NERF guns have proven to be one of the best sources of entertainment. Kids love NERF guns, so throwing a party with a dart blaster theme is like a dream come true for them. In fact, there are many party planning companies that you can hire to setting up a NERF gun theme party; they can provide all the equipment and staff to organize NERF shooting challenges. However, their services can be expensive. If you are planning to set up a birthday party for your kid, you need to brainstorm what supplies you could use to transform a boring party place into a fun and exciting NERF gun battlefield.

To begin with, you should get to know NERF guns and figure out what colors they typically use so you can color coordinate things like tablecloths, paper plates, balloons, and invitations. You can design invitation cards easily by downloading and printing out some images regarding NERF gunfights from the internet.  Gear for each party guest could be prepared with different accessories.

Another great idea is to prepare badges for each party guest in common NERF colors, which are often blue and orange. Print each guest’s name on them, laminate these cards, and add them to the pile of cool blaster stuff. Other great choices are sunglasses, bandannas, and other bits of costume clothing in the same or similar colors. Get a few extra dart packs as well and toss them together with the rest of the gear.

When it comes to the food and drinks for your party, you can also continue this theme. Powder packetsof different-flavored fruit punch often come in fun colors, so you can mix your own to match your theme. Cupcakes with colored frosting or with decorations resembling darts are another great choice, as are cookies decorated with icing in the same colors will also be a big hit. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can use fondant to decorate the birthday cake with a big NERF dart on the top as well; meanwhile, if you don’t want to go crazy with the sugary treats, there’s plenty of orange-colored food like carrots if you’re doing a blue-and-orange NERF theme.

Finally, a color-coordinated tablecloth and colored paper plates can double not just as an eating surface but as targets as well. Tape or pin a few to a wall or hang them on a clothesline – be sure to draw a bulls-eye on each target to give the kids something to aim at!


Decorating for the party place isn’t a tough job either. Besides a tablecloth and perhaps a runner as well, you can place several blaster darts in an empty jar or bottle (better make it plastic to be safe) and place it on the table as centerpiece. A great choice for a blue waterproof table cloth is the Creative Converting Roll Plastic Table Cover, which is a lightweight reusable table cloth. For an orange table runner, you can try the Now Designs Spectrum Tablerunner.

If you have some blue or orange colored paper lanterns, you can use them to further decorate your party place. Besides that, you can blow up some NERF-colored balloons as well.

Activities/shooting challenges

There are various shooting challenges that you could arrange that your party guests will simply love. However, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got enough NERF blasters for each kid. Some ideas for these activities could be:

  • Cans on a ladder
  • Balloons to target
  • Hula hoop hanging on a rope
  • Blue plastic cups stacked
  • Targets printed on boxes or painted targets

You can also plan some outdoor activities for the participants to enjoy – just make sure you have good stock of ammunition. Blaster darts love to disappear even the shortest of mowed lawns, and without darts those fancy blasters are pretty much useless.

A favorite is sure to be “zombie battle.” You can divide the kids into two teams, with one getting to dress up as zombies (complete with Halloween makeup if you like) while the others are the zombie hunters. Getting hit three times with a dart means you’re out – meanwhile, if a zombie touches a hunter, the hunter has to switch sides. The last survivor wins!

Another great backyard game is “capture the flag”. Place a flag in some difficult or challenging position. Split the kids into two teams again – someone from one team has to collect the flag without being shot by the other team. You can create obstacles and cover for kids to hide behind by placing boxes, tins and tarps in the backyard.

Of course, this can be a rough-and-tumble game for kids. You’ll need to post the rules of the game well before it starts; here are some that it’s strongly suggested you use:

  • Kids are not allowed to hit or kick other kids. NERF blaster challenges are no-contact games and they require strategy and skills, not brute force.
  • Although ammunition is made of soft foam, the players should all wear some sort of on safety glasses.
  • Deliberately aiming shots above the shoulders is not allowed.
  • Only the kids over the age of 8 should be allowed to play.
  • Have teams wear differently-colored vests to tell them apart – and to provide a bit more protection just in case.

It could be difficult for a party organizer to arrange sufficient stocks of NERF guns. Therefore, kids should be encouraged to bring their own blasters – but make sure you have a few extra just in case, so that a child from a family without the extra cash to afford a blaster can still attend.

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