NERF Gun List: What’s the Best NERF Gun?

NERF Gun List

With their cool and innovative designs, NERF guns have created a huge buzz among youngsters and adults. Because of the sheer entertainment value – and their inherent safety – dart blasters they are considered as one of the best options for indoor and outdoor play.

The first NERF gun came into the market in 1989 and since then, numerous models and types have been introduced. These dart blasters are safe because ammunition is made of foam. The wide variety of NERF guns, all with different colors and functionalities, have made kids crazy for them.

But NERF guns aren’t just loved only by kids; they are equally popular among adults and are used in various competition leagues. NERF guns come in an enormous range of shapes and sizes, making selection of the best NERF gun for your kid – or for you! – is really a task.

You should keep in mind the kid’s age, the type of the games they want to play with their dart blaster, and your budget. Below are some of the most popular types of NERF guns available in the market:

  • NERF machine guns are the most famous type of dart blasters. They come with their own tripod for better stability and some even feature specialized detectors to sense intruders for enhanced carnage.
  • The NERF pistol is the simplest, yet most efficient form of a dart blaster. NERF pistols are single handed with single-dart firing. They are popular because of their low cost, easy use, and ability to be modified quite easily.
  • NERF shotguns provides increased ammunition discharge i.e. unlike with a pistol, you can fire a series of multiple darts in a single burst. They can hold multiple darts and fire two or sometimes even three darts at a time. Shotguns is mostly used in competitions.
  • NERF rifles are large guns that require two hands for holding. They provide both extended range and magazine sizes.NERF rifles are often used in leagues and come at a higher cost because of all their extra features.

If you have knowledge of what the insides of a NERF gun look like, you can disassemble and reassemble various parts to modify your own dart blaster. The ability to modify a NERF gun has made these dart blasters highly popular with kids and adults. Here are some models of NERF guns that have gained quite a bit of popularity over the years. Below is a list of these guns:

Maverick NERF Gun

The NERF Maverick is one of the most popular dart blasters within with a wide price range. It features a barrel which rotates to fire fast. It can hold six darts at a time and can shoot with high accuracy and speed. If you are in search of an air-powered blaster, then you can rely ona NERF N-Strike Maverick.

NERF Long Strike Dart Blaster

The NERF Long Strike Dart Blaster comes in at the medium price category and is one of the longest dart blasters out there thanks to its available barrel extension. It provides better aiming and firing with a range of over 30 feet. If you are looking for a Long Strike NERF gun at reasonable price with an extended range of about 57 meters, then the N-Strike Elite Retaliator is the right choice for you.

NERF Nite Finder Dart Blaster

The NERF Nite Finder Dart Blaster is a low-priced gun, best to be used in darkness because of its integrated flashlight. It can hit your target accurately from up to 35 feet away. There have been a few different versions of the dart pistol, but the N-Strike Orange & Grey Nite Finder EX-3 is likely the best model for you, as it comes at a very low price and provides bright for the whole 35 feet.

NERF Raider Rapid Fire Gun

The NERF Raider Rapid Fire is one of the higher-priced dart blasters out there, thanks to its amazing features. It features a drum magazine that can hold up to 35 darts, complete with a small window in the magazine to check how much ammunition is left. It provides dart blasting in two modes, either single shot or multi-shot. These guns are easily available in the market and are often used in competition leagues. If you want to buy a similar gun, then the NERF N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster is a good option.

NERF Recon CS-6 Dart Blaster

The NERF CS-6 Blaster is medium-priced and features five different interchangeable parts that let you customize your dart blaster to your heart’s content. You can link the parts onto the gun’s tactical rail for enhanced dart action. If you want this gun with its flip-up sight for aiming accuracy, then the N-Strike Recon CS-6 Dart Blaster is certainly the right choice for you.

Barricade RV-10

The NERF Barricade RV-10 is a battery powered gun with a 10-dart revolving barrel to keep the shots coming. It is easy to used by both beginners and kids. The N-Strike Barricade RV-10 offers a tactical rail for your accessories and and a detachable stock complete with a place to store extra ammunition.


For enjoying your NERF gun to its fullest, there are some instructions that should be followed:

  • Always read the instructions manual that comes with the dart blaster.
  • Don’t mix carbon-zinc batteries with alkaline batteries. Never mix rechargeable batteries with non-chargeable ones.
  • Remove dead batteries from the gun to avoid leakage.
  • Dart insertion position differs in some types of blasters, so always insert in the direction as indicated on the magazine.
  • Never aim at the face or eyes.

Finally, make sure you’re not enjoying your new NERF gun at the expense of others. With awesome features and the ability to be modified quite easily, NERF guns can indeed be an amazing addition to your kids’ toy box or even your own – so have fun responsibly!

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