Funny NERF Gun Memes

The popularity of NERF guns has crossed cultural boundaries. Their use has led to the development of various memes that have b begun to make the rounds on social media, spreading virally from one user to another.

These memes are developed to convey hidden messages that only fellow NERFers will be able to decipher. Such messages are usually delivered in a humorous way to have an impact. We will share with you some of the more famous (and infamous) memes about NERF guns circulating and being discussed on various social media sites.

#1: Real Life Hunger Games

nerf meme 1

This meme is a note written by a wife for her husband who is about to come home from work. The wife pasted this paper note on the front door with a NERF gun next to it. The content of the meme is as follows:


Welcome home. I’m hiding in the house with a NERF gun, here is the other one…

The loser cooks dinner tonight.

May the odds be ever in your favor.



Message conveyed – cool wives surprise their husbands with a NERF gunfight.

This meme is quite popular and is available on the first page of Google whenever you search for NERF memes. It appeared in 2014 for the first time, went viral on Tumblr and was shared by numerous users. It got 2 million views.

Some people liked this meme, while others have criticized it. The idea of the meme is that a wife leaves a surprising note and a gun loaded with ammunition to initiate a raging battle. Food would be cooked by the loser. These sorts of memes have taken several forms over the internet with almost the same intention to promote something.

For instance, some have interpreted this meme to encourage the idea that “cool” wives get NERF guns for their husbands, or that “cool couples” know how to enjoy and feed their inner child. Some people think this meme is quite annoying – according to them, it is unrealistic to define a perfect wife or a perfect relationship with NERF guns.

Relationships, it’s argued, are serious things and therefore should be presented realistically. Another similar meme, a note written by a wife for her husband with an accompanying dart blaster, reinforces the “cool wife” interpretation. The note reads:

“Welcome home from work!

Two Things:

  1. This gun w/ ammo is yours.
  2. I have one too & you’re under attack as of now.”

Most men have responded to this meme positively, indicating that they would want their wives to be like that. The point of argument as raised by the critics is that it is rather sexist to promote this idea that doing a thing in a certain way qualifies a woman to be a “perfect wife.”

#2 Leo-NERF-do Dicaprio

nerf meme 2

Here we have a shirtless NERF-gun-toting Leonardo Dicaprio. The famous actor’s picture was posted in theNew York Times in 2014 in which he was shown to enjoy summer aggressively by playing with NERF water gun. His picture was Photoshoped to death, indicating how well-loved it became by the internet. The real text of the meme is “Leonardo DiCaprio Running Shirtless With A Water Gun.”

This was in reference to related to the sad situation of the actor being unable to win an Oscar award despite years of brilliant performances. Finally, here he is after winning his Academy Award, is running shirtless with a water gun with a gleeful expression on his face. This meme has been Photoshoped several times, such as the image above, a composite of a running Prince Charles behind Leo and a running chubby toddler in the foreground. Another noteworthy picture shows Leo being chased by Chris Pratt from the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy,” who is also shown holding a NERF gun.


#3 Bullet-Go-Round

nerf meme 3

Another meme that is quite active in social media is about NERF darts. It is considered to be the most stressful tasks ever to look for misplaced darts, as fired darts love to hide in the grass or in the bushes in the backyard, making it impossible to find all your darts. This meme reads:

“Bought a NERFgun 2 weeks ago

Still have all the darts”

This meme is posted with “Success Kid,” a well-known meme on his own, as he’s shown pumping his fist to show his feeling of achievement. Success Kid is usually reused in several different versions of the NERF dart meme, with one reading:

“Playing with NERF guns

Did not get shot in the eye”

This meme is to show that it is really hard to stay safe from shots in the eyes if you’re not wearing protective gear.

#4 Gotta Get Them All!

Shooting NERF guns is a fun experience and when kids are blasting away, it is the climax of joy. Yet when your stock of darts is exhausted and you’ve got to go out and collect all those darts, it’s the furthest thing from fun. The text of the meme reads :

“Shoot all the bullets!

Pick up all the bullets? “

The meme has two small joint images. First image (with the text “shoot all the bullets”) is of the joyful expression of a NERFer while he is shooting the bullets. In the second image (with the text “Pick up all the bullets?”) the NERFer is in a sad mood as he has to collect all his darts.

#5 Get the Zombies!

NERFers have shared several dart blaster games over the internet. One of the most famous of these games is “humans versus zombies,” which is played between two teams. A meme related to this game is shared on social media in which a boy with an angry face look on his face is pointing his finger down with an urge to play this game. The exact words of this meme are:

“Where is my NERF gun?

I want to play humans vs zombies now”

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