The Best NERF Darts You Can Buy

The Best NERF Darts You Can Buy

NERF dart blasters are considered to be safe and fun-filled entertainment for both kids and adults. The most important part of NERF guns is their ammunition – NERF darts – are made of foam for safe play.

There are several varieties of NERF guns available on the market. Likewise there are a number of NERF darts as well. However, not all darts work with every blaster. You always need to use the darts compatible with your particular NERF gun for safe and secure play.

Each NERF gun, when you buy it, includes darts in the package. However, since they’re so small and easily misplaced, you probably won’t have them all or very long. Thankfully, you can buy surplus replacement darts as well.

Of course, you need to make sure you buy the darts that are right for your gun type. Below is a list of dart types and which guns they’re designed to be used with.

Streamline Darts

Streamline darts are the simplest and lightest darts made for NERF guns. The foam an orange in color with a rounded, dark orange plastic tip . They are best to be used with the Raider, Hornet, Vulcan, Nite Finder and Long Shot blaster models. Because of their light weight, they are comparatively safer than other darts and therefore are the right choice for kids.

If you have run out of darts and are in need of additional darts at low price, then a Clip System Darts 36pk is a good choice . These darts are suitable for the Longshot CS-6, N-Strike Recon CS-6, and Raider CS-35 and are specifically made for high performance.

Note – No matter how light and safe the darts are, they should never be aimed at the eyes or face.

Elite Darts

Elite darts resemble streamline darts. They have different color scheme with slight difference in their plastic tips for better accuracy. The difference in design makes Elite darts compatible with more blasters as compared to Streamline darts.

They are lighter than Streamline darts and vary in range and accuracy with improved stability. All the guns that use streamline and micro sonic darts can blast Elite darts as well.  You can try the Nerf N-Strike Elite Dart Refill Pack (with 75 darts) if you need a refill.

Suction Cup Darts

Suction cup darts are comparatively heavier than Streamline darts and are available in different colored tips like black, blue, pink, yellow and purple. Suction cup darts have suction tips and they really stick to the surface they are aimed at, especially flat surfaces such as walls and TV screens.

Suction cup darts are perfect to be used with the Firefly, Maverick, Nite Finder, Switch Shot, Hornet, and Scout NERF guns.  If you fancy a refill pack of suction cup darts, then try the Nerf N-Strike Elite Universal Suction Darts, which comes in a low price range.

Micro Sonic Darts

These darts, also called Screamers as they have a small opening near the tip, creates a scream or a whistle when fired as air travels through an opening near the top of the dart. They are also lightweight and are good with multiple NERF blasters such as the Vulcan, the Magstrike, the Nite Finder, the Secret Strike, the Switch Shot and the Hornet.

We have searched for an economical box of additional micro sonic darts for your NERF blaster, as we know nobody likes to chase after NERF darts once they are fired and kids are always losing darts.You can try the Nerf Dart Ammo Box – Micro Sonic Darts for your NERF gun.

Velcro Darts

Velcro darts are lightweight are designed to be used with a scoring vest and Velcro targets, though hey can (and will) stick to any Velcro surface. Since they are lightweight, they won’t go very far and don’t hit hard. They are safe to be used by kids and go well with the Magstrike Dart Tag guns.

If you have any of these blasters and are looking for surplus Velcro darts, then try the Nerf Mega Dart Tag Refill, available at a low price.

Missile Darts

Missile darts are the heaviest version of NERF darts, although some lightweight small missiles are also available. Because of their weight, they are accurate and have better range. Big missiles goes well with the Demolisher and Titan blasters. For refilling your missile darts stock, you can try the Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Missile Refill Pack, which includes three missiles.

Glow-in-the-Dark Darts

You need not wait for daylighyt to play with your NERF blasters when you’ve got glow-in-the-dark to make your life easier. These darts also come with suction cups and require sunlight to get charged. If you are a night NERFer and need an additional stock of glow in the dark darts, then try the CLOURF 100 Pcs Glow in the Dark White Foam Darts for the NERF N-Strike Elite Series pack.


Various tests have been conducted by NERF gun users to check the efficacy of different types of darts. Most of these tests reveal that Elite darts are the best to use, as they work better than any other darts. NERFers found them aerodynamically more stable than other darts. When shooting at high speed, they are also less vulnerable to be disrupted by fishtailing.

However, some NERFers have identified a design flaw in these darts. For instance, the presence of a small hole in the rubber tip can cause shape deformation and imbalance. It is therefore said that the best dart is the one that is compatible with your blaster and matches your need.

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