NERF Gun Quotes

NERF Gun Quotes

NERF guns are a popular source of indoor and outdoor fun for both kids and adults. Nothing’s more fun that getting to imitate a gun-fight in a safe environment, and every year NERF come up with new models and designs that are second to none.

The popularity of NERF guns is evident from the fact that the internet is rife with various quotes associated with them. Generally, the quotes – often taken from customer reviews, message boards or social media posts online, can be seen as useful words of wisdom.

There are any number of quotes out there. Some are funny, some are blunt, while others informational. The purpose of this article is to make you informed about the rational and fun use of NERF guns; here, we’ve included some of the best (and some of the rest) quotes about the hobby:

Nerf guns ought to be banned from the age groups that are aren’t mature enough to use them.

There are millions of people who have presented valid arguments against this very issue, as they believe playing with NERF guns is a safe and fun activity for kids and adults.  NERFers – as dart blaster enthusiasts like to call themselves – think that having a NERF gun makes you popular and cool.

Therefore, it becomes easy for you to make new friends, as a lot of people like dart blasters and friends usually share their interests. To support their argument, they often refer to another quote :

For safe use of NERF guns, always use the darts and ammunition the blaster is designed for.

According to this quote, it’s not advised to use modified NERF guns.  It is also said that if someone gets hit in the eye and blinded with a blaster dart, then they surely did not read the instructions carefully – or they were using a modified NERF gun. However, not all modifications are dangerous; parents need to keep a close eye on their kids while they’re playing with dart blasters.

According to NERFers, a dart blaster is the best gift for almost any child, though boys tend to be drawn to NERF guns more than girls. To support the ideal nature of these dart blasters, NERFers have come up with a series of quotes such as:

Nerf blasters feature safe manufacturing methods.

There are no infamous stories of fatal injuries associated with NERF guns. The soft foam darts used in these guns is obviously not lethal, as they’re made of foam and soft plastic that cause no serious pain when they hit the body.

Besides ammunition, the force to impart momentum to the bullet is also not enough to cause or induce any pain. Each NERF gun is manufactured with high quality standards to ensure safety of customers.  A NERF gun comes with guidelines and precautions for the end user to follow.

Nerf blasters encourage exercise.

Nowadays, most parents are anxious about their kids regarding their excessive use of screen- based toys and games that involve no physical engagement that have them sitting around indoors for hours. NERF toys are the best alternate toys to relieve stress. NERF gun-fights involve physically active movements and moments of fun with friends.

There’s no minimum – or maximum – age for enjoying NERF guns.

Dart blasters belong to the category of toys that are popular across all age groups. Kids can spend quality time with their parents by having NERF fights in their backyard.

NERF guns teach sportsmanship among kids – unlike other contemporary toys.

If you have a dart blaster, then being a part of a NERF competition can double your fun. Parents can organize such competitions with their kids or can arrange bouts between neighborhood kids, which can help to promote social skills among kids as well as developing good sportsmanship.

Nerf guns are not just for fun – they encourage creativity lateral thinking.

Another reason for dart blasters being as popular as they are is due to how easy it is to modify. Kids who want to modify their NERF guns often need to have some knowledge about physics. The activity encourages kids to think and experiment.

However, it is advised that parents keep a close eye on these modifications. Make sure kids don’t tinker so much that they deactivate the safety measures built into their dart blasters. Doing so could be dangerous.

Always wear eye protection when playing with your NERF gun!

Dart blasters should always be used with a pair of protective eyeglasses. This protection is a mandatory with some types of NERF guns just as much as it is with paintball and pellet guns.

The purpose of the eyeglasses is to keep your eyes safe from accidental harm. Never aim your dart blaster at the eyes, mouth, or ears of anyone else. If using a paintball gun,  any paint that gets into someone’s eyes should be rinsed thoroughly with water and seek a doctor’s advice in case of allergy.

Wear a vest when on a NERF quest.

This piece of advice should be followed while playing with NERF paintball guns. It provides dual protection. First, these paintball guns are air propelled and therefore a close shot can hurt exposed skin. Next, it is a good idea to put on vest to keep your clothes clean.

Brandishing a NERF gun that looks like a real firearm is dangerous.

According to this quote, you should never try to display your NERF gun in a public place, where it could be regarded as a real weapon, and could cause a panic – especially in the current security-conscious day and age. You could even end up getting involved with the police. There’s been more than one unfortunate incident where someone holding a dart blaster that resembled a real gun being mistaken for an armed and dangerous individual. The results are often tragic.

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