NERF Gun Games

NERF Gun Games

Nowadays, parents are anxious about their kids’ interaction with mobile phones and tabs. Parents perceive that screen-based games are unhealthy as they don’t involve any physical movement.

Parents want their kids to stay at home and also engage in healthy activities. For such parents, NERF blasters provide possibilities for indoor and outdoor activity. NERF players have shared many such games with other fellow dart blaster enthusiasts over the internet.

NERF gun games tend to be competitive, team-based games. Before the game is started, rules of the game need to be made clear to every participant.

Team Deathmatch

Participants are equally divided into two teams. Each team is required to shoot the other team’s members three times – if a person is shot hit 3 times by the other team, they are totally out of the game. The team which eliminates all the players of the opposing team by hitting each player 3 times wins.

When a player is hit for the first time, they must stop and count up to 15. After the count, they are required to shout out “clear” to make everyone know that they are back into the game. When you get hit and you are counting, you can collect darts and walk around while staying out of the way of the rest of the action.

For this game, at least 3 players in each team are required to make it fun .

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is yet another classic NERF gun game. Participants are divided into two teams and each team has its flag close to its spawn point. The team which manages to get all four flags (2 of its own and 2 of its opponent’s) in their base wins.

You can extend the time of this game and do something like best of 3 or best of 5. When a person is hit, they must go back to the spawn point and start counting to 15 or 20.  When the count is finished, they can rejoin the game.

People who are spawning cannot shoot – or be shot – until they their count is finished and they have left the spawn point. The game organizer should make sure that spawn points and flags are not placed very close to each other. Flags are too easy to defend otherwise, though they should also not be too far away – otherwise players would have to spend the entire time running to the flag.

Siege the Fort

Siege the fort is one of the simplest and most well-loved game among kids. The participants are divided equally into two teams. One team are defenders and while the other is on the offense. Those on offense are required to hit each player of the defenders 3 times.

Once a defending player is hit 3 times , they go join the offensive team. To set up the wining condition, you can have a time limit that defenders should try to survive. This time limit could be 10-15 minutes. Conversely, you can set that offenders should try to capture everything from the defenders’ base. It is usually advised that setting up a time of 15 minutes for the defenders to survive is a better win condition.

Freeze Tag

Freeze tag is a simple game and resembles the regular freeze tag game but it is instead played with NERF guns. If you get hit by your opponent, you should freeze and no movement is allowed (no dart collection, reloading, running etc.) until you get unfrozen by a team member.

You need not pose comically while frozen, but it is encouraged. To unfreeze your team member you need to either tag him or shoot him. When all team players of one team get frozen, the game ends and the other team wins. This game is better to be played in the best of 3 or 5 rounds.

Defend the Core

The goal of the game is to put maximum ammunition into the other team’s core over a certain period of time. The participants can be divided into two teams and each team could be further divided into thirds: one third as defenders and two thirds as attackers.

For this game, the organizer sets the spawn point at some distance away from the core. If you get hit, you need to go back to your spawn point and you cannot dump the ammunition from your pocket or other source.

When time is over, you count the number of darts in each core, as it determines the winning team. The team with the least number of darts in their core is the winner.

Minnesota VIP

The participants could be divided into two teams. Each team chooses a VIP and informs the other team about their VIP. Each VIP has 15 seconds to respawn and they may run away while counting, but they only have a limited number of lives.

Each non-VIP player has 15-second respawn time with unlimited lives. During the count, they need to show that they are still counting by raising their blaster over their head. When the VIP of a team is eliminated, the team loses. This game is best to be played with more than two teams.

We presented some popular NERF games, but no game is good without rules. Make sure you define these rules well beforehand for a safe game. These rules include:

  • Every player is required to put on eye protection glasses.
  • During the game, any player can shout to temporarily stop the game. Players should shout twice to make everyone hears the freeze. This shouldn’t be abused but only called out in order to prevent injury or harm.
  • Don’t intentionally target other players’ face or eyes.
  • Blind firing is not allowed.
  • Don’t shoot anyone who is not playing.

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