Modded NERF Guns: A Beginners Guide

Modded NERF Guns A Beginners Guide

As human beings with good working brains and entirely vast imaginations, we should never settle for less than the best. This applies to all things in life – work and play – and when it comes to NERF guns, it’s even more true!

If you’re a diehard NERFer, you know what we’re talking about: the world of dart gun modifications. When it comes to NERF guns, there are still a lot of new and innovative models that are coming out constantly, but even these great dart blasters might leave something to the imagination.

That’s where modifying, or “modding” NERF guns, comes in. As a dart blaster enthusiast, there’s always that feeling inside you that makes you want to try to customize and modify your NERF gun into the next best thing. Encouraging this in kids is a great way for them to develop lateral thinking and to put their imaginations to work. To help you do this challenging yet fun activity, here are some great tips to get you started.

Making your NERF guns more powerful:

For the sake of safety, this is not a modification to hurt people. What you’re doing by making your weapon more powerful is to make it capable of shooting longer ranges with accuracy.With the convenience of available mod kits, which you may purchase online, you can easily change out the stock spring inside most dart blasters and do away with the air restrictor, as this will do the most to increase your range. Here are a few steps to accomplish this:

Changing the spring:

Unscrew the blaster and secure all the the screws by placing them in a box or a jar. Once you have unscrewed everything you should be able to open the blaster, revealing the inner parts. There you will see all the nuts and bolts of the gun – as well as the springs.

Some would use a 20-pound spring for a more powerful shot. You can add additional support it with a properly-sized piece of PVC pipe to prevent the spring from falling off. You just simply change out the spring and screw the gun’s casing back on and you are  good to go.

Getting rid of air restrictors:

All NERF guns have air restrictors to prevent too much power getting behind the dart when it fires. It’s a safety feature, but if you dedicate yourself to modding responsibly you can do is simply detach this restrictor and dispose of it in the trash. You may do this by using a drill with a long bit and a Phillips-head screwdriver. On a model such as the CS-6, the first step to do this is to unscrew the gun, then remove the trigger.

Close to the middle of the gun, there should be a blocked space inside of a cylindrical tube . On the opposite side is a needle pointing around two-thirds of the way out of the tube. If you drill out that needle, this will help free the gun from air restrictions. You can then put the screws back in.

Making better darts:

With just a little DIY, you can transform a 20-foot length of 1/2″ foam backer rod from your local hardware store into a whole 75 darts. All you need to do is the rod, a pair of scissors, a hair dryer, a pillowcase, a glue gun and some ball bearings (BBs).

Cut the backer rod to standard lengths. You should straighten the cut pieces with a hair dryer for a minute or two, place them inside a pillowcase and then shake. Do not forget to cool them before proceeding to the next step.

Next, make a hole in the top at the center of the cut pieces, insert the BB for weight, and seal it up with a glue plug. Just repeat these steps until you have all the darts you’ll ever need!

Modding the barrel:

This is one of the simplest modifications you can do. This can be done by simply taking out the plastic barrel and replacing it with a brass or copper barrel of the same size. This mod reduced friction on darts as you fire them, making them go both faster and further.


You may opt to repaint your NERF gun in any color or look you want. The only limit is your creativity!

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