How to Mod NERF Darts

How to Mod NERF Darts

NERF guns are known for being some of the safest toy guns you can buy for your kids.  For the sake of safety, some limitations have been introduced in their design such as low power, short range, harmless foam darts and colorful paint jobs.

Kids love to have play with dart blasters. However, over time, they may want more powerful, longer-range NERF guns. Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to find any number of ways that you can modify your dart blaster.

Generally, the easiest modifications are done to blaster darts themselves. Dart modification can enhance the range and accuracy of the blaster. In this article, we will take a look at various ways of modifying NERF darts:

#1 Stefan’s Design

If you didn’t know – and you probably didn’t – NERF stands for “non-expanding recreational foam”. This polyurethane foam is used in making darts. There are different types of NERF dart, but modifying each type isn’t always feasible. Experts advise to use basic models of NERF darts for modification because they are common.

Whenever we purchase any NERF gun from the shop, darts are always included in the package. You can also buy additional ammunition – their small size makes it easy to misplace them. However, this can get expensive – but there’s one famous and workable modification to design your own darts to save money.

This method to modify darts, developed by NERF enthusiasts, has been called “Stefan’s Design.” Individual darts made this way are often just called “stefans”. There are many ways stefans can be made, but we will share the simplest method with you here. This method is available on social media and is endorsed by many NERF gun users.

To imitate the darts, you need to buy half-inch foam backer rod. You can get this material from any home repair shop. The material looks very similar to a real NERF dart. It is usually curled in a rod shape so you need to straighten it flat before you cut darts out of it.

You can flatten the material by taping it down to a flat surface for a day or two. You’ll need scissors and glue to make stefans; to give the darts some weight, you can add fishing weights or ball bearings (BBs).

Cut the backer rod into 2 inch lengths, is equal to the length of real NERF darts. Make a hole in one circular side to insert a BB or fishing weight. Use glue to attach the weight to the dart and let it dry.

#2 Mod the Original NERF Darts

Generally, dart modifications are carried out to give dates more weight so that they can cover more distance. This modification is carried out for playing war games. Some users like to do modifications to real NERF darts while others like to make the whole dart for their blasters.

To give some weight to the darts, they replace the tip of the darts with something heavy. As with making stefans, ball bearings or fishing weights are commonly used for this purpose. You’ll need all- purpose glue to attach weight to the dart.

You can also insert a piece of straw inside the dart to give it some strength and improve its accuracy. To make your darts look cool, you can use neon straws or paint them.

#3 Dangerous Mods

Not all dart modifications available on the internet are recommended. Some people have shared the method of transforming a NERF dart into a dangerous weapon. They take small needles or blades and insert them into the soft foam part, leaving half protruding out.

The addition of blades or needles makes the dart heavy and sharp. The probability of injury becomes high and therefore such modifications should not be allowed.

#4 Custom Calibrated Foam Darts

This is another method to customize original NERF darts. First, you need to remove the tip of the dart. You need soft eraser sticks, used  for refilling mechanical pencils, which are easily available in stores. Cut these sticks into desired length.

You can cut them into different sizes (e.g. 5 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm) to create tips with varying weights. It all depends on your choice -keeping the rubber stick longer makes the dart heavier. Use all-purpose glue to attach the rubber to the foam darts and let them completely dry.

If you have used different sizes of rubber stick, then indicate it on them to avoid mixing of the darts. The impact of these modified darts would be significantly more as they have weight now. The chances of damage would be higher, so it is advised to add foam padding on the tips. The padding reduces the impact of the dart on collision  Lastly, you can wrap some tape behind the tip of the dart. It keeps the tip intact and slightly narrows the front for smooth chambering.


With these methods, you can see there are a variety of modifications for your NERF darts if you’re looking for improved accuracy. Try your own ideas and find the most suitable dart modification for your NERF gun.

Dart modifications are best done by adults. However, if kids plan to modify the blaster darts, parents should stay with them to ensure things are done safely. These modified darts should not be aimed at someone at close ranges, as they may cause serious injury.

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